Guest Blogger Randi Bailyn: No Sleep & No Regrets.

Life can be crazy and sleep is optional. I think that’s what I’ve decided my theme for this year is (or every year if we’re being honest).

I am an actress in Los Angeles, run a self- owned cupcake company, work as a full time personal assistant, and run a charity called “Project Backpacks.” Until recently, I was the co owner of a clothing line (Every Ella) with my business partner Lauren.   I rarely find time to sleep. I don’t often have free time.

But I actually love this crazy life.

I chose to move to LA almost 8 years ago (holy moly!) on a whim. I knew I wanted to move here since I was a kid because I knew even then I wanted to act. So I packed a moving truck and headed west from a small town in Connecticut. Let  me tell you, Los Angeles is a CRAZY place to live and can take you on a crazy emotional roller coaster ride. HOWEVER I can honestly say I haven’t looked back or regretted my decision a single day. If you told me  that I would be running a clothing company, or opening a cupcake bakery, I would’ve laughed at you because I knew nothing about that either.

Our clothing line, Every Ella, just closed its doors a couple of weeks ago and now I am at a crossroad of deciding what is next.

Do I just focus on my acting career, charity, cupcakes and full time job? Any sane person would think so, but there’s something missing for me. I really loved being able to inspire and empower women around the world and I know that there’s something out there waiting for me to do. So until then I will be focusing on acting and learning until that opportunity rises.


I have opened my charity, which usually gives to the homeless, to other venues.We are currently in the donation process to schools affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. I will certainly keep busy but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out exactly what I”ll be doing.

You can follow Randi’s adventures here:

Instagram: @randibailyn

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