About Me

Name: Kim
Age: 25 + 2.5
Occupation: Criminology Graduate Student.
Desired Career: Human Trafficking Researcher and Policy Advocate (or professional stay at home plant mom. yes, this is a thing)
Animals: Allergic to everything but I do love puppies, horses and penguins.
Religion: I love Jesus. I do not love the church. Serve, love and protect the people God has given you. (Even when you want to throat punch the guy tailgating you. Jesus loves that guy too).
Hobbies: Travel (10 countries and counting), yoga, reading, hiking/walking, friend time, board games, natural health activities. I hate running though. For real, I do not want to sign up to run a 5K with you.
The most important thing to know about me  is I already know what I am suppose to do in this world: be a friend. I am really good at it, and God has brought me some of the best souls to take care of.  Some people were only temporary, but others will walk me all the way home. Having a friend in this world is the best gift.
I hope you enjoy the blog and this about me that closely resembles a dating profile (holla at me. just kidding).