About Me

Hi, I’m Kim. I live in Michigan where we vacation in our backyards. (except in February. Then we all go to Florida. Girl bye).

One time I wrote this book called Define Decaf: Lessons from a Highly Caffeinated Young Adult. I still spell caffeinated wrong most of the time. I am a human trafficking activist, aunt to all of my friend’s children and mother of zero children.  I love coffee, leggings, reading, laughing, traveling the world, and yoga. I am an honorary soccer mom because I always have sunscreen, snacks and organic bug spray in my purse. I dislike crowds, Pinterest, DIY, crafting, sparkly girly shit and when people disregard my time.

 As a writer I am a storyteller by nature. I love the power of story and how it connects people to each other. On our worst days a “Me too” can change everything.

I believe everyone has a story. And this is a platform to share. To be safe. In the hardest places, on the hardest days.  The why, the feeling of alone and the “me too.”  We are a tribe of storytellers.

Won’t you join us?


Photo courtesy of ME Promotions